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Dmitry Mitichenko

Full Stack Software Engineer

A proficient and involved software engineer with excellent design and development skills specializing in the .NET stack. Experienced in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. Solid understanding of OOP, design patterns and software architecture. 

Ten years of making this world better. 20+ successful projects.

Professional Skills

Top Skills


Backend development

Expert, 10 years
That is my primary and the most preferred specialty. The way you can get the maximum profit in case of hiring me. I have the experience in both joining the existing huge projects and creating complex systems from scratch.

Frontend development

Medium, 6 years
Less experienced line of activity but also very likely way to get a high return from me as a team member.

Team Leadership

Beginner, 2 years
The all new field of activity for me. Currently, I have an experience on two projects in team/tech leadership of a team up to three members.

Other Skills

.NET / C# dotnet core core nancyFx MVC WebAPI RESTful OAuth WF Mono WPF WCF Entity Framework MS SQL MySql / MariaDB HTML/CSS Bootstrap knockoutJs KendoUI JS Quartz.Net Git TFS Agile Project Management Object Oriented Design Design Patterns Microservices architecture Web development Server-side development Multithreaded Development System administration RabbitMQ NATS docker docker-compose Kubernetes CI/CD nUnit xUnit


AVA Platform project title image

AVA Platform

A single-point data management tool and integration point for external systems
nancyFx, knockoutJs

.NET Framework 4.6.1, Mono, Entity Framework, MySql (MariaDb), REST, OAuth, NancyFx, Quartz.Net, Markdown, KnockoutJs, Crossroads + Hasher, Bootstrap, AmplifyJs, jQuery, GitLab CI, NUnit

<h2>Motivation</h2> <p>The client needed a product that partially implements the functionality of large CRM systems, that is the only and the primary point of data management for external sites, and that would automate the main internal processes. At the same time, it should have been done as an application that is free from the costs of licenses and with minimal maintenance fees.</p> <h2>My contribution</h2> <p>I had implemented a lightweight and uncomplicated application with an extensible architecture that can operate on cheap $5-10 VDS hosting.</p> <h3>Data storage</h3> <p>To store and edit rarely changing data, I've designed a meta-model that made it possible to conveniently implement the API and the corresponding value management UI with the regulation of access to each type of content and each field of the content type, and with the possibility of values versioning &mdash; implemented consciously, with an understanding of all the disadvantages of this approach.</p> <p>Value management UI itself is built on KnockoutJs components - universal widgets per each value type, including links between collections, attachment downloading, rich-formated text with Markdown layout language support, and other standard data types. All forms are constructing dynamically per each type of content, taking into account information about the current user's permissions, order, and category of the value fields.</p> <h3>Attached files storage</h3> <p>File storage is implemented using a file system with balancing over several levels of nesting directories. The database contains only meta-information of the original file. Also, the system performs some background actions per each attachment, like generating less-detailed variants and applying watermarks to images, transcoding audio files to the more compact formats, creating .pdf previews and so on.</p> <h3>External API</h3> <p>The application provides public and private RESTful APIs.<br />Public APIs are used by all the company's public sites to get actual information about the realty assets to render on. It allows keeping all the web resources up-to-date at every moment. Also, it helps to collect consumer interaction feedback data including metrics, visit stats, forms values, etc.<br />The private APIs are designed to provide access for third-party external applications to the actual data. The system supports individual profiles per each client with a unique set of permissions.</p> <h3>Client interaction</h3> <p>The system can collect client interaction events through several channels that are defined by the administrator. It also allows binding custom event handlers per each channel and provides statistical data.</p> <h3>PBX service integration</h3> <p>The module performs a call flow analysis and searches for records related to the same conversation if the PBX system does not provide this information. Also, the system contains a user interface for viewing (and listening) the history of calls with the ability to filter elements.</p> <h3>Online bonus goods store for the company employees</h3> <p>I had created a software implementation of the employee bonus system. Every employee involved in the sales process usually gets bonus points per each successful sale. So every employee can spend their points in local online goods store.</p> <p>This module implements both payments processing system and minified variant of online goods store.</p> <h2>Technologies</h2> <p>A monolithic .NET application is running in the Mono environment. Implemented taking into account the possibility of separation into services. Provides external public and private API, has a SPA web interface for employees and partners of the company, and an interface for system administration.</p>

Ferris Wheel Show project title image

Ferris Wheel Show

Personal greetings on a 170ft LED display
.net, nancyFx, workflow

.NET, Mono, Entity Framework, MariaDb, REST API, OAuth, NancyFx, Quartz.Net, Markdown, KnockoutJs, Crossroads + Hasher, Bootstrap, AmplifyJs, jQuery, GitLab CI, nUnit, docker, docker-compose

<h2>Motivation</h2> <p>The point of the project is to display animated greetings composed by the clients on a big LED display placed on the 170ft Ferris wheel.</p> <h2>My contribution</h2> <p>It is a multi-team project, and my role was to create greetings construction and ordering system including the components listed below.</p> <h3>Desktop and mobile web sites</h3> <p>The app is a publicly available web site with two desktop- and mobile-optimized variants. Created using the UI mockups provided by the customer's designer. It contains a convenient representation of the ordering workflow steps with greetings construction, payment processing, and order status monitoring. Also, there are some basic CMS features like editing promotional articles and presenting scrapped Instagram feed.</p> <h3>Administration panel</h3> <p>This web app is a central system management tool with a monitoring dashboard. It also contains various financial reports and broadcasting grid control instruments.</p> <h3>Server application with REST API</h3> <p>The heart of the system - it provides RESTful API for all the subsystems and implements all the logic related to the ordering and payment processing.</p>

TWS project title image


TBS/RPG game
.net core, unity, microservices

.net core, unity 3D, NATS, microservices, UDP endpoints, docker, docker-compose

<p>Step-by-step military strategy with elements of RPG in the setting of the modern world environment. It is a hobby project that is developing together with my friends. For me, this project is interesting primarily as a platform for testing new (for me) platforms, components, and ideas.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The more detailed description is being prepared.</p>

AK Design & Architecture project title image

AK Design & Architecture

Design agency portfolio portal
.net core, nancyFx

.net core, nancyFx, REST API, OAuth,, EF Core, Maria DB, Full-text search, markdown, knockoutJs, bootstrap, amplifyJs, gitlab CI, nunit, docker, docker-compose

<h2>Motivation</h2> <p>Our customer is a small interior design agency with the need of presenting sample materials most relevantly to their potential clients.</p> <h2>My contribution</h2> <p>I've created a lightweight web application based on the NancyFx framework, that implements basic content management and customer relationship management features.</p> <p>All the media materials are presented in a specially developed grid with circles-like visualization (crucial customer requirement). Every media selection triggers loading of the recommendations based on a set of tags (implemented via full-text search).</p> <p>The API supports client activity tracking including media view history and feedback form sending. All this data linked to the client session identified by the web browser fingerprint.</p> <p>Application uses Docker Compose and GitLab CI scripts for deployment.</p>

RAF Corporate Portal project title image

RAF Corporate Portal

SharePoint-based portal solution for automobile assistance company
SharePoint, Bootstrap

SharePoint Server 2010, Bootstrap, jQuery

<h2>Motivation</h2> <p>Our client has the need to wrap up the existing corporate portal based on SharePoint Server 2010 - bring it's style to the corporate guidelines and expand the functionality available to the company's employees.</p> <h2>My contribution</h2> <h3>Design and basic functionality</h3> <p>Standard SharePoint site style has been modified to comply the company's corporate guidelines, similar to the external website. To make it more informative, I've implemented several informational web-parts, like news, statistical and notification widgets, promotional banners, etc. Moreover, I've developed the all-new "organization structure" module with convenient tree-like visualization, personal contacts widgets, flexible search tool and some useful things for power users like export to Excel, JSON data provider and so on.</p> <h3>Customers request management</h3> <p>There was a problem with too complicated and over-functional user interface of the CRM system, that has been used to manage customer requests. As a solution, I had implemented the SP extension with more user-friendly UI <span id="result_box" class="" lang="en"><span class="">which allowed to control client's applications more quickly and without the need to switch to CRM system window.</span></span></p> project title image

Web application that allows to develop sets of documents required to comply with the state laws

ASP.NET, WebApi, Bootstrap, jQuery

<h2>Motivation</h2> <p>Our team was faced with the task of creating a service that helps to keep up-to-date the package of documents per each of the "supported" laws.</p> <h2>What we've done</h2> <p>To implement all the ideas, we created our document template engine with support of conditional branching in the template structure. The second difficult task was to implement the values editor, taking into account the necessity to support all the morphological features of the Russian language. Also, we added some useful and required features like conditional values validation, versioning, and smart notification subsystem to inform customers to update data in case of templates or legislation modification.</p> <p>I was in the team before the first official release as the only front-end developer. Entirely implemented both the customer's interface and the external promo-site.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Problems project title image


Helpdesk solution for the engineering design institute

Silverlight 3+, Silverlight Toolkit, .NET Framework 3.5, XAML, MVVM, Windows 7 Gadget

<blockquote> <p>Note! The screenshots are made from the early test version of the interface. The application has been released with a less obtrusive background and a more contrast UI.</p> </blockquote> <h2>Motivation</h2> <p>The project launched as a replacement for the existing internal helpdesk system, which ran out its expansion capabilities and didn't meet the growing needs of the company.</p> <h2>What I've done</h2> <p>We created a modern and functional helpdesk solution designed to operate in a corporate environment built with Microsoft products, and which has been covered all the needs of simple users and support service engineers.</p> <h3>Silverlight app</h3> <p>My role in the project was to develop the frontend part of this system. To make it possible I chose the Silverlight platform as a flexible and perspective tool (at that time) to build rich UIs.</p> <p>The application is made of the universal reused widgets that are dynamically combined into pages. The administrator was able to configure pages according to the functionality required for each role in the system. Also, I've implemented the possibility for any user to individually adjust the layout of his widgets and change the background image.</p> <h3>Windows 7 desktop gadget</h3> <p>Also, I've created a widget to quickly post a support ticket directly from the user's desktop without opening the main app. It shortened the ticket creation process by 30-40 sec.</p>

IFCS project title image


Financial reports collection and analysis system for the State Finance Department
SharePoint, Silverlight

SharePoint, Workflow Foundation, Silverlight, Telerik Controls, MS SQL, jQuery, jQuery UI

<h2>Motivation</h2> <p>Our customer was a state-owned company in the field of financial monitoring. There was a need for the solution that supposed to be integrated into the existing SharePoint portal, and that allowed to collect and analyze economic data provided by budget organizations. The major and the most complicated requirement was to provide the ability to fill out reports without access to the Internet, without being tied to a specific platform and without demands on essential prerequisites to the installed software on client workstations.</p> <h2>My contribution</h2> <h3>Data collection</h3> <p>I had implemented an autonomous cross-platform module, that is designed to transfer to organizations for filling out reports. It is intended to input the tabular data presented as a complex structure with conditional branches of the displayed table blocks. The filled packages are sent back to the central system for data import.</p> <h3>Workflow</h3> <p>As a solution to ensure the data import/export process, I had created several workflows that contained all the required steps to approve, validate and handle financial reports.</p> <h3>Graphical reports</h3> <p>Another complicated solution was to visualize statistical data. I implemented the Silverlight web-part based on Telerik components, which envisions the financial indicators and allows you to identify the anomalies in the sequences quickly.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

ProjectComposition project title image


ERP/BPM-system for the design institute


<h2>Motivation</h2> <p>This project is a design documentation management and resources planning system, that was intended to use among the companies of the holding. Developed by an internal team of developers according to the requirements that were provided by the particular users.</p> <h2>My contribution</h2> <p>My main contribution to the project was the development of the client part based on Silverlight components, including both the user and the administrative interfaces. The core feature of the UI was the simplicity. At every moment in time, the application only provided to the user actions and details that were relevant to his context and assigned roles, thereby simplifying (sometimes) interaction cases literally to the single button UI. Furthermore, to prevent the remaining misunderstandings, I had implemented smart context-relative help system.</p> project title image

A construction company portfolio site
MODx, Bootstrap

MODx Revolution, Bootstrap, jQuery

<h2>Motivation</h2> <p>The customer needed a site to post information about the real estate assets, in the shortest possible time and with a minimum price.</p> <h2>My contribution</h2> <p>I had implemented a simple site on the MODx Revolution platform, containing all the necessary sections - real estate objects grid with detailed characteristics, news pages, photo reports of the construction process, feedback forms and so on. Also, created an extra module that generates a .pdf file with actual characteristics for each asset and with additional promotional materials.</p>

Name your site project title image

Name your site

Helps to think up the name of new site
aspnet core, polly

aspnet core, .net core, polly, rest api, bootstrap, jquery, docker, docker-compose

<h2>Motivation</h2> <p>The app created after lots of attempts to think up the name for a new project and find a free domain name for it.</p> <h2>My contribution</h2> <p>I've created a simple web application that tries to combine top-used slang words with the predefined set of thematic domain zones. The user gets a list of domain name suggestions that are checked for uniqueness and available for registration.</p>

Abak-Press Corporate Portal project title image

Abak-Press Corporate Portal

Complex portal solution for the major publishing house
SharePoint, Bootstrap, jQuery

SharePoint, Bootstrap, jQuery project title image

A construction company website
NancyFx, Bootstrap

SPA, NancyFx, Bootstrap, AmplifyJs, Stalactite

<p>A website for a real estate construction company. It contains all the required materials like design documentation, construction process reports and company news. All the data items are provided by the API of AVA Platform.</p> project title image

A construction company site
NancyFx, Bootstrap

NancyFx, Bootstrap, jQuery, Responsive layout

<p>Motivation</p> <p>The client needed simple web site to present his service - CNG Filling Stations construction.</p> <p>What was done</p> <p>I've created a one-page site with adaptive layout that includes the</p> project title image

Residental complex presentation website
NancyFx, Bootstrap

NancyFx, Bootstrap project title image

Web site for apartment renovation company
NancyFx, Bootstrap

NancyFx, Bootstrap, jQuery project title image

Investment company portfolio presentation site
NancyFx, Bootstrap

SPA, NancyFx, Bootstrap, AmplifyJs

<p>A website for an investment company in the field of real estate construction. It contains all the presentation materials of the investment objects, with data provided by the API of AVA Platform.</p> <p>A detailed description is still being prepared.</p> project title image

A construction company website
NancyFx, Bootstrap

SPA, NancyFx, Bootstrap, AmplifyJs

<div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12 project-description"> <p>A website for a real estate construction company. It contains all the required materials like design documentation, construction process reports and company news. All the data items are provided by the API of AVA Platform.</p> <p>A detailed description is still being prepared.</p> </div> </div> project title image

A construction company website
NancyFx, Bootstrap

SPA, NancyFx, Bootstrap, AmplifyJs

<div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12 project-description"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12 project-description"> <p>A website for a real estate construction company. It contains all the required materials like design documentation, construction process reports and company news. All the data items are provided by the API of AVA Platform.</p> <p>A detailed description is still being prepared.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> project title image

Residental complex presentation website
MODx, Bootstrap

MODx Revolution, Bootstrap

Work Experiences

Qoden Tech, cryptocurrency exchange software

Las Vegas, NV
Backend developer
Technologies used

dotnet core, aspnet core, nats, nats streaming, docker, kubernetes, microservices, highload


Krasnodar, Russia
Fullstack developer
Technologies used

dotnet core, aspnet core, workflow, docker

AccessSoftek Inc., banking software

Berkeley, CA
Backend Developer
Technologies used

WCF, ASP.NET MVC/WebApi, KendoUI, SPA, NancyFx, KnockoutJs,

AVA Group, civil engineering

Krasnodar, Russia
Technologies used

.NET/C#, Mono, NancyFx,, SPA, KnockoutJs, Bootstrap, AmplifyJs, EF, MySql (mariaDb), Gitlab CI

Develonica, Softline Group, information systems development

Moscow, Russia
Fullstack Developer
Technologies used

SharePoint 2010/2013, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebApi, EntityFramework, JS, jQuery, Knockout, Bootstrap, T-SQL

Russian Automobile Fellowship (RAF), roadside technical assistance

Moscow, Russia
Fullstack Developer
Technologies used

SharePoint 2010/2013, ASP.NET MVC, EntityFramework, JS, jQuery, Knockout, Bootstrap, T-SQL

InterSoft Group, systems integration

Krasnodar, Russia
Fullstack Developer
Related projects
Technologies used

Silverlight, Telerik Controls, SharePoint, WF, JS (jQuery, jQuery UI), T-SQL

RosIntegracia, LLC, systems integration

Krasnodar, Russia
Frontend Developer
Related projects
Technologies used

WCF, ASP.NET MVC, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap

Sitronics Telecom Software, telecom systems development

Moscow, Russia
Backend Developer
Technologies used

WCF, ASP.NET, JS, jQuery, Prototype

InjGeo, CJSC SRIDS, engineering design institute

Krasnodar, Russia
Fullstack Developer
Technologies used

Silverlight, WPF, SketchFlow, WCF, T-SQL, WinForms, ASP.NET


MSc Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Kuban State University (Krasnodar, Russia)

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I love programming. I love to create the great things, the things that I will proud for. I like to solve exciting and hard problems, and I love the feeling that appears after all job done.

Currently, I'm looking for a full-time job position in a mono-product company, remotely or with relocation. Also available for some freelance work while in a search.

I can help with the following:

  • Back-end development with .NET
  • Front-end development with KnockoutJs
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  • UI development

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